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PhD Chapter’s winter meeting

PhD Chapter's Winter Meeting

It’s soon time for the PhD Chapter’s winter meeting! We will convene on Tuesday December 13th at 17:00 in “T-centralen”, Drottning Kristinas väg 29.

As tradition, after the meeting we will have our annual Christmas Party with Julbord. 20 SEK for members, 50 SEK for nonmembers, cash only. For the occasion, we will play a special “PhD Santa” game. Please, bring a small gift (suggested value between 20 SEK and 40 SEK) wrapped in paper and get ready to receive yours!

Please, register here for the Christmas party before December 9th.

At the meeting, past and future activities will be presented, and elections hosted for:

  • Vice chairperson, 1 position to be occupied from 2017.01.01 to 2017.06.30;
  • Additional board members, 2 positions to be occupied from 2017.01.01 to 2017.06.30;
  • Web and communication manager, 1 position to be occupied from 2017.01.01 to 2017.12.31;
  • Standard bearer, 1 position to be occupied from 2017.01.01 to 2017.12.31;
  • Vice standard bearer, 1 position to be occupied from 2017.01.01 to 2017.12.31;
  • Nominating committee members, from 3 to 5 positions to be occupied from 2017.01.01 to 2017.12.31.

All the nominations can be made by email at board [at] or at the chapter meeting, with exception for the nominations for the vice chairperson position. This one will be valid only if the nomination committee will have interviewed a candidate (on Skype is OK) before the chapter meeting, so the nominations must be sent by email before December 10th at midnight. A person can nominate someone else, but then the nominee must accept the nomination before it is considered valid.

The final agenda for the meeting is here.

Welcome to join the PhD Chapter celebrations!

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PhD Pedagogical Meetup


Would you like to improve as a teacher?
Are you stressed about having teaching duties and how to do it right?
Uncertain if your students learn the right things?

The PhD Chapter, in collaboration with ECE-school and THS, are starting an initiative we call “PhD Pedagogical Meetup”.

It’s an opportunity for you as a PhD student to get inspired, meet others who are interested in pedagogics, get hands-on tips and tricks as well as discuss the aspects of teaching that matter most to you!

Simply put, we will be arranging events with a focus on pedagogics with you as our target audience! Each meetup will focus on a theme (you are most welcome to suggest ideas!) and be collaborative. You are not just a listener – we want you to contribute with your experiences and thoughts!

Our first theme is “The teacher journey of a PhD student”, taking you from your first encounter with students (being a teacher) to being responsible for a course and working with course development.  Together as a group, we will work on strategies of how to encourage student participation and you will be inspired by unexpected and unconventional ways of explaining theory (think Angry Birds!).

The facilitators at the first event are Fredrik Lundell, associate professor at the School of Engineering Sciences, and Tomas Rosén, who recently obtained his PhD degree.

In 2011, Fredrik was awarded the “Teacher of the Year” by THS for his work in pedagogical development, especially for introducing peer instruction as part of his courses which was both appreciated by students and successful overall! At present, Fredrik is working on the integration of interactive teaching methods and online material to achieve deeper learning  increase student’s interest in the material.

Tomas has taught as an assistant during his time as a PhD student and will share his experiences and tips on how to get ready to teach and make the students interested.


Date: Wednesday November 30th
Time: 17.30-20.00
Where: Salongen, KTH Library (KTHB), Osquars backe 31, Campus Valhallavägen

Register here:

A small meal + tea/coffee will be provided. Questions?

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Yoga with the PhD Chapter!

There are plenty of heath benefits with practicing yoga, both for your body and mind! Join us for our next yoga class in the afternoon of November 23rd, as last time it’s arranged by the PhD chapter, at KTH-Hallen.

The session will be held by a professional instructor (in English, of course) and you can use the lockers and shower facilities in connection with the session (bring a towel if you want to shower). There will be yoga mats you can borrow during the session, dress comfortably (like for a work-out). The class was really appreciated last time!


When: Wednesday, November 23rd
What time: 15.15-16.15
Where: KTH-Hallen, Brinellvägen 38. There will be signs at the entrance and we will be there to help you find it.

Cost: FREE if you are a member of THS/PhD Chapter (become a member here:, 20 kr otherwise (still a bargain!), please bring cash.

The number of places is limited, register HERE: to be guaranteed a spot. You can also try your luck and just show up, if there are places available they will be filled at first come/first serve basis.

Also, if you think yoga is a great idea but cannot attend this time, please let us know! (you can use the same form

Hope we’ll see you at yoga! Namaste!

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Recruitment for Education Evaluation of Doctoral Studies

The Swedish national union of students is looking for PhD representatives to help in the evaluation of the education in the third cycle. Unfortunately the information is only available in swedish which also will be the main language used during the work.
We know there are PhD students within pedagogy and computer science who could be interested and find it relevant. Should you want to learn more or apply please visit the following links:

Mindfulness with the PhD Chapter!


Young couple practicing yoga on the beach at sunset.

Mindfulness with the PhD Chapter!

There are plenty of health risks related to stress. However, researchers at universities are one of the groups who experience extensive stress (including us!). How can we handle stress properly and improve our mental wellbeing as well as productivity at work?

Come and join the mindfulness workshop organized by the PhD Chapter! Fika will be offered during the workshop.

The workshop will cover:

  1. How to deal with stress and negative emotions;
  2. How to practice mindfulness/ meditation/ MBSR;
  3. How to be mindful in digital age;
  4. How to use digital tech to support mental wellbeing.

Biosketch of the instructor (short):

Miguel Quintana’s passion is to share useful mindfulness-based approaches to be applied in daily life settings. Miguel is PhD in Psychology (Complutense University of Madrid), and holds a Master Degree in Health Sciences (University of Tsukuba, Japan). Miguel is specialized in MBSR

and mindfulness, having received his training at University of Massachusetts (Center for Mindfulness). Miguel has guided mindfulness workshops and MBSR programs for stressed workers, fibromyalgia and cancer patients and in educational and corporate settings since 2007.

Miguel Quintana is the founder of and creator of Mindfulness TS apps for online research and training in mindfulness.


When: Tuesday, November 15th

What time: 13.00-16.30

Where: Musikrummet, Floor 3 in Nymble, Drottning Kristinas väg 15. There will be signs at the entrance and we will be there to help you find it.

The number of places is limited, register HERE:

Cost: FREE if you are a member of THS/PhD Chapter (become a member here:, 30 kr otherwise (still a bargain!). Please bring cash.

Feel too stressed right now to join the workshop, or not available this time? Let us know so we may arrange it for another time! Please leave your interest here:




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