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KTH Space Rendezvous

The theme of the Rendezvous is “Academia meets industry” and the program is composed as a number of pairs of speakers representing KTH and Swedish space industry and consulting  companies. The presentations will deal with various space related research topics, and they will show how work done at KTH is related to development and innovation in the private sector.

Examples of topics that will be presented are stratospheric ballooning, methane fuel cooling of future rocket nozzles, and earth observation for urban development. Examples of companies that will be represented with presentations are GKN, SSC, and Metria, and examples of KTH divisions to be represented with presentations are the Division of Geoinformatics, Particle and Astroparticle Physics, and Division of Electronics.

Time: Thu 2017-03-30 13.00 – 17.00

Location: Lecture Hall Q1, Osquldas väg 4, KTH​

You can find the program here

It is free to participate in the Space Rendezvous, and the event is open to everyone. After the meeting participants are invited to a Space Pub at the “T-Centralen” student pub located at Drottning Kristinas väg 29.

Before and After PhD: Hidden Challenges & Opportunities

The Dean of the faculty, Katja Grillner will welcome female PhD students to a seminar on the academic experience of KTH professors.
The four professors will give their perspective on PhD Studies, early career and their advice for young female researchers to have a successful PhD experience.
The workshop will engage to giva a voice to your experience and ideas to enrich your PhD studies.
Lunch and coffee is included.
Sign up before 1st April!
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How to be able to stay for work in Sweden!

Do you see yourself staying in Sweden after your degree?

Then you should come to this evening event with Migrationsverket. They will talk about how you should do to be able to stay work here.

It will be around 1 hour lecture, with 1 hour Q&A

100 first will be served a light meal!

Time: 17.30-19.30
Date: 30th of March
Place: Nya Matsalen, Nymble

PhD Pedagogical Meetup #2 (Theme: Assessment)

Would you like to improve as a teacher?

Do you want to learn more about how to give constructive and helpful feedback to your students?

The PhD Chapter, in collaboration with ECE-school and THS, are continuing the initiative “PhD Pedagogical Meetup”.

It’s an opportunity for you as a PhD student to get inspired, meet others who are interested in pedagogics, get hands-on tips and tricks as well as discuss the aspects of teaching that matter most to you. Also, you are not just a listener – we want you to contribute with your experiences and thoughts!

Our second topic is “Assessment – why, what, when and how?“, both aiming at giving you tools to improve assessment in your own teaching and inspire course responsibles to improve the assessment, both during the course and at the end of the course. During the meetup you will work on concrete assessment tasks with peer instruction and peer grading.

The facilitators at this event are Viggo Kann, professor of computer science, and Emma Riese, PhD student, both at the school of computer science and communication.
Since 2013, Viggo has taught the teaching and learning course Develop the Learning by Using Grading Criteria and has recently developed  the new course in Examinership for Courses at KTH. At present, Viggo is working on the KTH regulations for assessment, learning outcomes and course syllabuses.
Emma has a teacher degree from the KTH CL programme and is now doing a PhD in computer science education.

Date: Thuesday April 4th
Time: 17.30-20.00
Where: Salongen, KTH Library (KTHB), Osquars backe 31, Campus Valhallavägen

Register here

A meal and tea/coffee will be provided at the event.

Yoga with the PhD Chapter!

Join us at KTH-Hallen in the afternoon on Wednesday, March 29 from 14:00 to 15:00 for the first yoga session this year arranged by the KTH PhD chapter.

There are plenty of health benefits with practicing yoga, both for your body and mind! In addition you get to hang out with your PhD chapter friends from your or different institutions, a great way to get new inspiration!

The session will be held by a professional instructor (in English, of course) and you can use the lockers and shower facilities in connection with the session (bring a towel if you want to shower). There will be yoga mats you can borrow during the session. Dress comfortably (like for a work-out). It will be a perfect break during your day and you can start the afternoon with lots of new energy!

When: Wednesday, March 29 14.00-15.00
Where: KTH-Hallen, Brinellvägen 38
Cost: FREE if you are a member of THS/PhD Chapter , 20kr in cash otherwise

You can become a member here. In case don’t find anybody, ask at the counter, we’ll meet up there.

The number of places is limited, register HERE to be guaranteed a spot. You can also try your luck and just show up, if there are places available they will be filled on a first come/first serve basis.

Also, if you think yoga is a great idea but cannot attend this time, please let us know! (you can use the same form)

Hope we’ll see you at yoga! Namaste!

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Working groups for school merging

Following the KTH president decision to plan to merge ten KTH schools possibly into five, two working groups (WGs) have been formed to investigate how to merge CSC, EES and ICT schools, and BIO, CHE and STH schools together.

The PhD Chapter, together with the PhD Student Councils of the involved schools, has nominated 3 PhD student representatives for each WG:

Workgroup for BIO-CHE-STH merging

BIO school PhD student representative: Tom Reichenbach

CHE school PhD student representative: Ramiar Sadegh-Vaziri

STH school PhD student representative: Victor Strömbäck-Alvarez

Workgroup for CSC-EES-ICT merging

CSC school PhD student representative: Anastasiia Varava

EES school PhD student representative: Dan Pettersson

ICT school PhD student representative: Mohamed Tagelsir Mohamed Elhussein

Seminar: What is necessary to be granted Swedish Citizenship?

It is very useful for the PhD students who are from non-EU countries and what to settled here and start their careers in Sweden.

Topic: Swedish citizenship for non-EU PhD Students at KTH
Speaker: Robert Andersson (Förhandlingschef, SULF Sweden)
Day: Friday 21 April 2017
Time: 12:00-14:00 hours
Location: Lecture Hall L1, Drottning Kristinas väg 30, Lantmäteri, våningsplan 3, KTH Campus

Moderator from KTH PhD Board: Abdullah Khan (PhD Candidate at KTH, THS Member)

Lunch Sandwiches will be provided. Please register via google form here.

KTH Internal Conference on “Scholarship of Teaching and Learning”- March 16, 2017

Would you like to be exposed to different and new ideas on developing education, teaching and learning discussed in a scholarly manner? Then SoTL can offer you something!

SoTL’17 is the second educational (internal) conference at KTH on Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) – The concept.  It’s a full day conference held on the 16th of March with various workshops and presentations.


Where: KTH, Campus Valhallavägen in Stockholm

When: 16 of March 2017

Register here (deadline is March 13/2017)

Links:  Program, AbstractsConference website

P.S. The conference is free of charge but a fee will be charged if you don’t attend according to your registration.

Hope to see you there

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SULF Annual Meeting Announcement

The date for upcoming Annual meeting is decided to be on March 8th, 2017.



Location: Room E3!

11-12: Invited lecture, Equality for Quality (Open lecture, in English)
Charlotte Holgersson will talk about gender equality in Academia and the gender mainstreaming efforts at KTH. Charlotte Holgersson is associate professor at Industrial Economics and Management specialized in the field of gender and organizations. She has been expert advisor to KTH on gender equality and is presently involved in putting together a plan for how KTH is going to promote gender equality during the next three years.

12-13 Annual meeting (in English, if needed!)


Sign up here for lunch on the meeting:
(You may use a nick name)