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PhD Event – KTH Innovation: Research & commercialization

Hope you haven’t missed that we are hosting an event together with KTH Innovation this Thursday.

Research & commercialization – How to have time for both.
As a PhD student, you already have many of the traits that make a good entrepreneur. But a day only has 24 hours, and your research and personal life already makes your schedule quite busy. Is it possible to do a PhD at KTH and commercialize your research results at the same time?

KTH Innovation will come by T-centralen to talk time management, how you can create impact in society by commercializing your research, and how they can support you in managing both research and entrepreneurship without hitting that infamous wall. We will also hear from a PhD student who has started a spinoff company from their research.

For more information, please visit:

To be sure that you will get some food at the event, please sign up at this link before 12:00 today (Monday the 12th of November):

Prince Daniel’s Fellowship inspires KTH-students to become entrepreneurs

Are you dreaming about starting your own company, or are you just about to start? Regardless of which, Prince Daniel’s Fellowship wants to inspire and support you to take the next step in starting your own company!

Prince Daniel’s Fellowship will visit KTH during the 21st of November to inspire students to become entrepreneurs. During the visit, Prince Daniel and the participating entrepreneurs Jacob de Geer, Susanne Najafi and Nami Zarringhalam will tell you about their experiences of running companies.

Where: F2, Lindstedtsvägen 26

When: 21 November, 13.15-14.30

For whom: Students at KTH, all levels

Register here:

Organizer: KTH Innovation

PhD Event: Game Night

Hope you haven’t missed that there is another Game Night tonight in the Chapter Hall, TC.

There will be an assortment of board games available but if there is any special game you want to play you can bring that along as well!

The doors open at 17:17 tonight, Thursday the 1st of November. Address: Drottning Kristinas väg 29.

For more information, go to the event at Facebook