Contact us

For matters concerning doctoral education at KTH and admission, please email:

  1. For a single contact to the PhD Chapter at KTH, please email: chair or presidium
  2. For matters concerning the overarching chapter operations, please email: board
  3. For matters concerning applications for funds for the PhD chapter, please email: treasurer
  4. For matters concerning PhD students’ representation on education and research including policy advocacy, please email: edu
  5. For questions concerning a case of conflict, rights and duties related to your PhD studies at KTH, please email: drombudet
  6. For matters concerning Women PhD students network at KTH, please email: wop-committee
  7. For matters concerning membership at the student union including questions for housing queues, please email: karx
  8. For matters concerning questions about the following specific representations concerning KTH future faculty (recruitment, employment and promotion), please email: ff
  9. For matters concerning business relations and contact with companies, please email: business
  10. For matters concerning internal and external communications, media and outreach, please email: communication
  11. For matters concerning PhD pubs and ceremonies, please email: DrInK
  12. For matters concerning PhD ceremonial presence and flag, please email: fanb
  13. For matters of social nature: from internationalization, equal treatment, sustainable development and diversity to sport activities and initiatives, please email: social
  14. For matters concerning PhD councils in KTH schools or working groups, please email: councils or workgroups

OBS. In addition to red days and outside working hours, our team is usually not accessible between 15/June – 15/August and 20/December – 7/January.