New PhD student

Welcome to KTH and the PhD Chapter!

We would like to start by congratulating you on being admitted to the PhD program and wishing you a successful start on your PhD journey!
You, as a PhD student, have a right to decide who will represent you, and you yourself can also become a PhD representative! As a representative, you can be part of improving the quality of research and education for all PhD students while simultaneously expanding your network.
For PhD students, being a representative is a commission of trust position and you are compensated for the time you spend, so it should not interfere with your research or free time.
We are organizing events of different kinds, a great way to meet other PhD students and socialize. To be tuned subscribe to new posts on our website. Also follow us on Facebook and Instagram.
If you have any questions contact us through the most suitable for your case email address.

Wishing you all the best,
PhD Chapter Board at KTH

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