THS opinion document

With input from the PhD Chapter and passed by the Student Parliament (KF), the student union (THS) holds the following opinions about PhD Candidate issues (translated from the 2013 Åsiktsdokument):

THS thinks that:
•    all PhD Candidates should be employed.
•    a PhD Candidate’s starting salary should not be significantly less than the average salary for a “civilingenjör” (M.Sc. in Engineering) who graduated the same year.
•    a PhD Candidate on parental leave should be entitled to compensation equivalent to 90% of the PhD Candidate’s salary without burdening an individual research project or division.
•    admission to doctoral studies should always take place via centrally advertised positions.
•    doctoral studies at KTH should provide each PhD Candidate with the skills required to become a successful researcher.
•    doctoral studies at KTH should be of internationally recognized high quality and reviewed by independent bodies.
•    KTH’s allocation of faculty funds should reflect doctoral studies’ resource requirements.
•    each PhD Candidate should have at least two active supervisors.
•    joint supervision time of a PhD Candidate is the equivalent of at least 10% of a full-time position. Supervision should include the possibility for the PhD Candidate to regularly meet his or her supervisor.
•    doctoral studies should take four years. Departmental work may be undertaken, maximum 20%, thereby extending the total time of the position by maximum one year.
•    every main supervisor should have completed a relevant supervision course.
•    PhD Candidate supervision should be independently audited, on both the general and individual levels.
•    graduated marks should not be applied within doctoral studies.
Also, from other pages in the vision document where PhD Candidates are explicitly mentioned:
•    KTH should inform all students and PhD Candidates of their basic rights.
•    all students and PhD Candidates should be given the opportunity to take language courses, regardless of year of study.
•    courses in Swedish should be offered to all undergraduates and PhD Candidates who come to KTH from other countries.