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PhD Chapter Summer Meeting 2018

Are you ready for the PhD Chapter Summer Meeting? We will convene on Wednesday May 30th 2018 at 17:15 in a first meeting, and at 17:30 in a second meeting, in “T-centralen”, Drottning Kristinas väg 29. Some sushi will be served, so please sign up here and let us know you are coming! Your THS member card is required to attend the chapter meeting and vote.

The PhD Chapter Summer Meeting will host elections for:
  • Chairperson, 1 position to be occupied from 2018.07.01 to 2019.06.30. Nominee: Robin Palmberg (video statement here), ABE school, Urban Planning and Environment dept., Division of Systems Analysis and Economics.
  • Vice chairperson, 1 position to be occupied from 2018.07.01 to 2019.06.30. Nominee: Tage Mohammadat (video statement here), EECS school, Electronic dept.
The PhD Chapter Board has also decided to re-open after the PhD Chapter Summer Meeting the nomination period for the following positions:
  • Treasurer, 1 position to be occupied from 2018.07.01 to 2019.06.30;
  • Board Members, 7 positions to be occupied from 2018.07.01 to 2019.06.30 (Note that the PhD Chapter Board includes Chairperson, Vice Chairperson and Treasurer, for a total of 10 members);
  • Auditors, 2 positions to be occupied from 2018.07.01 to (at least) 2019.12.31;
  • Deputy Auditor, 1 position to be occupied from 2018.07.01 to (at least) 2019.12.31;
  • Master of Ceremonies (Klubbmästare), 1 position to be occupied from 2018.07.01 to 2019.06.30;
The decision has been taken due to failure of the mailing list, which has reduced the visibility of our nomination campaign toward our members. The Board has now fixed the issue and apologizes for the inconvenience.
All the info on the elections, updates and how to apply (after the PhD Chapter Summer Meeting) are on this page.

The final agenda is here.

Welcome to join the next PhD Chapter meeting!

Join the PhD Chapter board 2018-2019

Do you want to use some extended PhD student time (up to max 20% per year) to work with career events, educational projects and seminars? Do you want to get involved in the decision-making process and represent PhD student rights at KTH? Are you ready to meet new friends and be inspired besides your own research? Then we want you for the next PhD Chapter board. Applications are open until May 25th. Please, follow the instructions on our elections page in order to apply!

Disclaimer on a recent survey

It is with great sadness that we have to inform you that THS and the PhD Chapter names have been wrongly used by one of our board members to send a survey to KTH staff based on a scientifically very poor questionnaire. We have come to the understanding that the object of such action was to help the development of a student’s master thesis at Stockholm University. The personal involvement of our board member, due to their role in our organization, has created confusion and lead to a situation of discomfort for many KTH employees. We hope that anyone who has been offended or bothered by such survey can accept our apologies, while the matter will be investigated further.

/The PhD Chapter Board

Apply for members of THS election Board

As a member of the Election Board you have two tasks. The first is to market the elections at your chapter. You will be given all the marketing materials you need by the election coordinator, but you need to adjust it for your chapter and choose what channels to post it in. The second task is to review the election at your chapter and the work and reports done by the election coordinator.

The work in the Election Board only takes 8-20 hours per year. Free lunches are also provided. But it is an important position to THS and THS chapters.

For more information, please visit the following link: