Organization chart

The PhD chapter, Doktorandsektion (Dr), is one of the 21 chapters of KTH student union (Tekniska Högskolan studentkår, THS). The objectives of the PhD Chapter are to promote more effective and higher quality PhD education and research, promote a stimulating working environment and improve the general conditions for its members. The PhD Chapter should also work towards a greater unity and fellowship among its members.

Members of the PhD Chapter are those who are admitted as research students at KTH Royal Institute of Technology and who have paid the membership fee for THS.

The PhD Chapter comprises of the following governing bodies:
a) The PhD Chapter Meeting (SM); The highest governing body of the chapter.
b) The PhD Chapter Board of Directors (Board);
c) The PhD Chapter Functionaries;
d) The PhD Student Councils;
e) The PhD Chapter Education Council, consisting of all KTH PhD Program Student Representatives (PADs).

The PhD Chapter Board of Directors (Board) is composed of:

a) The PhD Chapter Chairperson;
b) The PhD Chapter Vice Chairperson;
c) The PhD Chapter Treasurer;
d) Other members of the Board, so to have a minimum of 5 (five) members and maximum of 10 (ten) members.

The duties of the PhD Chapter Board are, among others, to: answer to the operations and management of the chapter; manage and be responsible for the PhD Chapter resources, process submitted motions, handle the PhD Chapter correspondence and otherwise manage the ongoing business; and administer elections for provisional posts.