Dr Governing Docs

The PhD chapter governing documents

PhD Chapter Statutes (updated 18 October 2019)

PhD Chapter Bylaws (updated 18 October 2019)

PhD Chapter Working directives (updated 2019)

PhD Chapter plan of operations (updated on 12 September 2019)

PhD Chapter opinions and views (to be updated 2020)
Supplementary: THS views

Other PMs enacted by the PhD chapter board

Archiving of PMs (updated 2019-09-26)

Guide on representation (updated 2019)

Communication Policy (updated 2014)
Supplementary: THS policy on communication

PM on application for funds [form] (updated 2019)

PM on reimbursement [form] (updated 2019)

Overarching PMs, Policy documents and guides by THS

Membership benefits

Policy for Masters of Ceremonies Group, DrInK (THS Alcohol policy)

The work of the nominating committee (Policy for nominating committee, presidium suitability)


Templates for meeting summons, minutes, PMs, reports, motions, propositions, etc. in our Google drive. (OBS. save the drive to your account and don’t download if offline as updates are expected).

Application for funds (form)

Reimbursement (form)

KTH templates for organising events e.g. at T-Centralen: (Form, Checklist)

KTH templates for internal communications (e.g. to apply for time prolongation): Check the Intranet, templates archive & especially reserach education templates

THS templates (e.g. motions at union councils, memos and reports), contact: utbildning@ths.kth.se or talman@ths.kth.se or kommunikation@ths.kth.se

Note: The data submitted to the board or one of the members via forms or motions or other sort of written document will be treated subject to EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Public Access to Information and Secrecy Act (OSL) (2009:400).