Labour Unions

Swedish Confederation of Professional Association (SACO/SACO-S,SULF)

Saco is a trade union confederation of 22 affiliated associations which together have over 600,000 members. Members are university graduates or professionals with a college degree. The biggest unions at KTH are the Swedish Association of Graduate Engineers (SI), Swedish Association of University Teachers (SULF), Swedish Association of Architects, Swedish Association of Professional Scientists, Jusek, the DIK Association, SRAT

Within SACO, Swedish Association of University Teachers, SULF, is the association for university teachers, researchers and doctoral candidates. SULF, is a member of the Swedish Confederation of Professional Associations (SACO), whose members are professionals with university or college education. SACO organises SACO affiliates members in KTH via the smaller umbrella, SACO-S where ‘S’ refers to state. SACO-S branch at KTH, has  negotiation rights  for SACO unions’ affiliates members who are employed by KTH.

If you are interested to join or have questions, feel free to reach to SACO-S and SULF sections at KTH.

The Swedish Confederation of Professional Employees (TCO/ST)

The Swedish Confederation of Professional Employees (TCO) is a national trade union centre, the umbrella organisation for eighteen trade unions in Sweden that organise professional and other qualified employees within both the private and the public sectors. ST is connected to TCO and is the largest union within the Swedish state and has approximately 90,000 members. ST members work for state agencies, companies employed by the state, universities, colleges and state financed foundations. If interested to join ST or have questions to ST, feel free to contact ST KTH section

The Swedish Trade Union Confederation (LO/SEKO)

Landsorganisationen, LO, literally “National Organisation in Sweden”), commonly referred to as LO, is a national trade union centre, an umbrella organisation for fourteen Swedish trade unions that organise mainly “blue-collar” workers. Within LO, Seko, Service- och Kommunikationsfacket, is a union that organizes 110,000 members in nine sectors among them: Civil, Energy, Service & Communications, Transport and Healthcare. If interested in getting in touch, feel free to contact Seko Klubb HÖK (Högskolor och kultur) which is part of Seko Stockholm

For further information, find the associations associations page at KTH.