About the PhD Chapter (Dr)

PhD Chapter at KTH, doctoral students’ network.

The PhD Chapter (Doktorandsektion, Dr) is a network of engaged PhD students that unites and represents all the PhD students at KTH. It facilitates initiatives and creates a space for personal, professional and educational development. PhD Chapter at KTH monitors, informs about and stands for students’ rights and quality of education and research. It enriches the PhD students’ lives with recreational activities. PhD chapter at KTH is part of THS, the student union at KTH.


The PhD Chapter at KTH has been active since its establishment on 24 March 1980. With the effort of many active PhD students at KTH, the Chapter promotes more effective and higher quality PhD education and research. It also promotes a stimulating working environment, and improves the general conditions for its members. The Chapter also works towards a greater unity and fellowship among its members.

The PhD Chapter at KTH has a wide range of activities:

  1. PhD Education, the Chapter works to ensure that the quality of PhD studies at KTH is high.
  2. PhD Students Rights, the Chapter works to ensure that the rights of all PhD students at KTH are respected.
  3. PhD Students Welfare, the Chapter works to ensure that all PhD students at KTH have leisure activities and enjoy their doctoral study time at KTH.
  4. Professional Development, the Chapter works to ensure that all students at KTH get the opportunities to develop their professional skills.

To contact us, please email: contact @dr.kth.se