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We fund many PhD events over the year; such events are usually organized by ourselves, the PhD Councils, or even normal students like you. Requests are usually approved as soon as possible and after approval, you are encouraged to invoice the chapter directly. If the value is too high, our treasurer might work directly with you on invoicing or order the items directly from the Chapter’s account. There is a possibility of a refund of approved expenses, but it requires a longer time and quite some paperwork.

If you are interested in requesting funding, fill out the funding request form and send it to

It is recommended to pay by invoice and send them to the treasurer. In the invoice reference, you must include the name of the person that submitted the funding request and the school.

In case payments are made in advance (not recommended!), a refund can be requested by emailing this form (remember to sign it). Digital receipts can be shared by email to, but paper ones must be mailed to the chapter (even better, directly to the office of the current treasurer). Invoices and refunds can be paid only for expenses approved by the board and after the physical receipt has been received, together with the refund request form.

General Guidelines for Funding

The funding described here is intended to promote integration and/or welfare within/for PhDs, and as such, they should be the target audience. Any KTH-affiliated doctoral student or any Student Council can make the funding request. Furthermore, as all of the applications are considered by the board separately, we cannot give 100% certainty on whether it will be funded or not, but it will nevertheless be considered, especially if it falls under at least 2 of the following areas:

  • JML (Equality, Diversity, and Equal Treatment)
  • Reception for new students
  • Student influence
  • Educational quality
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Career or professional development
  • Social event/activity
  • Sustainability

As a rule of thumb, we just ask the proposal to be reasonable (i.e., include costs breakdown) and the requested budget should be proportional to the size of the audience. That said, there are absolutely no virtual limits (except money) to what you can plan: fika for scientific talks, board game nights, or even a bowling event with your department.

Money-wise, the current board (2022/2023) has decided that events up to 250 kronor per person are usually of a reasonable value, and events that have a per-person cost higher than that should be considered carefully before approval as they tend not to be sustainable in the long run.

Furthermore, as this money is mostly for welfare, the board has decided to not fund alcohol in any event.

Examples of Successful Applications

All names here are not directly related to the requester albeit these examples are real.

  • Daniel, a PhD student, requests a budget for 10000 kr for producing a seminar on discrimination with lawyers, where he will bring an expert. The event will have fika and it’s also necessary to pay the lawyers. It’s expected to receive 50 PhD students. Approved.
  • Saumey, a council chair, requests 600 kr for a fika during an elections meeting. Approved.
  • Martin wants to organize an afterwork for PhD students of his school. He requests 48000 kr and expect the participation of between 100 to 150 PhD students. The cost breakdown includes a dish (130 kr) and few alcoholic drinks. Rejected as the board does not fund alcohol.
  • Doga, a PhD student, requests a budget of 4000 kr to have some refreshments during the board game night he is organizing. He also wants to take the available board games from the PhD Chapter for a night. Approved.
  • Beatriz wants to organize an origami workshop and expects between 10 to 20 PhD students. She requests 1000 kr to buy all the material and some small fika for the students going there. Approved.
  • Fabio, a PhD student, wants to organize an event to visit Body Flight, in Stockholm, and requests 10000 kr for 30 students. The funding includes half of the entry and some fika. Approved.

Check current funding request status here


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