PhD Chapter Hall

T-Centralen, located at “Drottning Kristinas väg 29”, not to be confused with the metro station, is the PhD Chapter Hall shared with and primarily steered by the Aviation Chapter (Flygsektionen).

Get access to it!
All students are entitled to access to our chapter hall where they can use it between working hours to carry on their study/work activities! Fill this form:

What is it for?
The Hall is to be used as a study spot between 8 to 17. You can also have lunch over there. After 17, the hall is often booked by either us or Flygsektionen for social activities. While many of us have our own offices in the main campus, you might want sometimes a fresh of air. Doctoral students moving between campus (Flemingsberg, Kista, Solna) can also find it useful for work.

What should I be aware of?
Common sense. The study spots are located on the ground floor, and the first floor are usually off-limits if you are not a part of the PhD Chapter or Aviation Chapter Boards. The access is year-round but is not valid during the summer and the end-of-year break (you need to get a special permission for those times). Remember that this is a shared place and keep courtesy and respect with everyone.

Little History

T-Centralen can literally be translated to the T’s center. The ‘T’ in T-Centralen refers to the abbreviation of our elder sister chapter, the flight chapter (T). You might wonder, and rightly so, but why T? The story told to us through generations of doctorates goes as follows: one day (or night) the flight chapter, which was established eleven years before the PhD chapter (Dr), took on the task of getting an abbreviation for its chapter. The challenge was that they should not have ‘F’. This is because ‘F’ was taken by the even older sister chapter Fysiksektionen (the Physics chapter) which was established 26 years before the flight chapter. Upon some creative thinking expected of typical flight students, came the idea: Ha! A ‘t’ is almost an ‘f’ if one would look at it upside down; something that apparently flight chapter people do, not rarely, when they fly airplanes.

T-Centralen has been in its current location at Drottning Kristinas väg 29 since 2000 and the PhD chapter moved to this location in spring of 2002 along with the flight chapter.

Interested to use the chapter hall for public events that welcome chapter members?

We welcome initiatives to make public events for our chapter members that also add value to other students at KTH.

1. Since we are a non-profit organisation, events shall not be made to make profit but to add value to our members and students at KTH.

2. As T-Centralen might have been already populated by other events, have a look at the hall calendar. You, as a PhD, can contact our master of ceremonies at and book the place.

3. If the event has more than 50 people or will serve alcohol, special regulations applies and usually requires people with special training given by KTH (FEST and STAD).