Nominating committee (Valberedning)

The PhD Chapter’s nominating committee is elected by the Chapter and consists of three to five persons, with a maximum of one non-Chapter member and with current or former Board members forming a simple majority.
The duties of the nominating committee are to:

    1. The nominating committee shall be responsible for preparing and administering election errands for vacancies appointed by the chapter meeting with the following scope of work:
      1. to promote the elections that are administered during the current year of operation.
      2. to collect nominations and candidacies
      3. to interview candidates and verify the candidates’ references
      4. to declare statements and reports about the candidates before the chapter meeting.
      5. to liaison with THS nominating committee for election of union vacancies.
    2. Unless otherwise specified in a separate policy document, the nominating committee shall consider as ground for recommendations: suitability of candidates to the vacancy, representativeness and diversity with regards to gender, study programs and other backgrounds deemed applicable such as study mode

A member of the Chapter’s nominating committee may not nominate her- or himself for any functionary position. Any potential conflict of interest, according to the standards of KTH, is to be stated by the committee members, in which case the PhD Chapter Board holds the right to exclude members from the committee.

Links to relevant regulatory documents and information:
Dr governing documents

Contact: nominations

Current Committee: From January 2023 to December 2023

Saumey Jain

Nominating committee member – From 2023.01.01 to 2023.12.31

Vladilena Gaisina

Nominating committee member – From 2023.01.01 to 2023.12.31

Doğa Gürgünoğlu

Nominating committee member – From 2023.07.01 to 2023.12.31

You can see the previous members of this committee here.