Standard Bearer (Fanbärare)

Robin Palmberg as Standard Bearer of the PhD Chapter at KTH, 2018-2019

The standard bearer is elected at the winter chapter meeting and all THS members are welcome to apply. The PhD chapter has two standard bearer positions, as main standard bearer and vice standard bearer. The standard bearers are responsible for bearing the chapter’s standard on the occasions where this is required. This includes the academic ceremonies of KTH and SSCO.
In order to participate as a standard bearer on the academic ceremonies, one is required to comply with a strict dress code. Standard bearers must wear civilian formal wear, i.e. tailcoat with all accessories for men and a long dress, not strapless, for women. Furthermore, the standard bearers are required to wear a “schmeck” (without pins) and white gloves (short for men and long, above the elbow, for women). No financial assistance is provided from chapter to meet the dress code, so you must acquire these clothes yourself.
The standard bearers participate at the following events:

  • Graduation ceremony for Masters of science and architects, two days in the spring and two days in the autumn
  • Inauguration ceremony of new professors and conferment of new doctors, one day in the autumn
  • Reception of newly admitted students at KTH, one day in August
  • SSCOs “Valborg” celebration

The standard bearers must be able to participate not only in the ceremony but also the rehearsal occasions before the ceremony, so one should expect to devote an entire day to each event (except for the reception of newly admitted students, where only an afternoon required). Altogether, working as a standard bearer amounts to devoting at least eight (8) working days per year on the position.
Parts of the THS standard bearer group may also represent at the Nobel banquette. Since there is not enough room for all THS standards at the banquette, the chapters are alternated in alphabetical order, unless one chapter has missed SSCO’s “Valborg” celebration. Then that chapter is no longer eligible. If a chapter is not represented by the correct number of standard bearers during the events of a year, this chapter is prioritized down in the list of chapters who get to represent at the Nobel banquette. If a standard bearer or vice standard bearer is unable to attend a ceremony for any reason, it is on the chapter to find a replacement to bear the standard to not be given a lower priority.
On the ceremonies where only one standard bearer is allowed to participate, the main standard bearer is formally responsible to bear the chapter’s standard, given that attendance at the majority of ceremonies has been fulfilled according to the above, unless agreed otherwise within the standard bearer group and confirmed by the Chapter chairperson. If the main standard bearer and vice standard bearer are unable to represent the Chapter at an event, the Chapter chairperson assigns a standard bearer to the event.
More information can be found in the THS standard bearer PM (only in Swedish).

Contact: fanb

From January 2024 to December 2024

Monika RolinskaStandard Bearer
Martin LindströmVice Standard Bearer

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