SCI PhD Student Council

SCI PhD student council is PhD chapter offical body for PhD students in the educational programs within SCI school at KTH. SCI PhD school council gets its legitimacy from the PhD chapter/THS and acquires henceforth a legitimate representational status for the school’s PhD students therewith.

SCI PhD council is guided by the PhD Chapter Statutes, Bylaws and working directives and subject to THS statutes and bylaws.

As per PhD chapter by-laws, the objectives of a PhD Student Council are to promote more effective and higher quality PhD education and research, to promote a stimulating working environment and to improve the general conditions for the PhD students, at the given KTH School. A PhD Student Council shall work towards a greater unity and fellowship among the PhD students at the given and shall maintain good contacts with the PhD Chapter members working centrally at KTH or at the other KTH Schools.

A PhD Student Council activities shall cover students in all the educational programs of the given school at postgraduate level.

SCI Council Board (Jan/2023 – Dec/2023)

Ibrahim BataynehChair
Giovanni Marco SaladinoVice-Chair
Cherrie LeeVice-chair
Sai Kausik AbburuEducational manager & Webmaster
Ebba Ahlgren CederlöfEvent manager

List of PADs (Jan/2023 – Dec/2023)

Guillaume Minet & Charlie BörjesonApplied Physics
Sai Kausik AbburuVehicle and Maritime Engineering
Sebastian MyrbäckApplied and Computational Mathematics
Elmo VuorenmaaMathematics
Naveen Agrawal & Victor Baconnet Engineering Mechanics
Maria GiamouridouPhysics

Permanent Contacts

sci-chair@dr.kth.seCouncil Chair
sci-vicechair@dr.kth.seVice Chair
sci-presidium@dr.kth.sePresidium (i.e., Chair and Vice Chair)
sci-board@dr.kth.seAll board members
sci-pad@dr.kth.seRepresentatives in PhD Program
sci-ff@dr.kth.seRepresentatives in Future Faculty Program (not active)
sci-social@dr.kth.seSocial Activities
sci-council@dr.kth.seAll council members, including board, representatives and functionaries.