Doctoral student issues at KTH’s Faculty Council (FR)

The Faculty Council (SV: Fakultetsrådet, FR) is KTH’s leading central body mandated to discuss matters concerning quality and collegial anchoring. Since a few years, the PhD Chapter has a representative at this forum. On September 3rd, Mohit Daga, the current Chapter representative at FR, was given the opportunity to present doctoral student issues at the FR meeting.

Issues presented drew upon the Doctoral Survey Report (released by the chapter in June) and illustrated major issues experienced by doctoral students: doctoral courses, supervision, matters concerning stress & well-being, and issues related to HR & administrative support. The presentation also highlighted issues related to career guidance and support, a topic mentioned in UKÄ’s 2020 report. Prof. Anders Forsgren, Dean and Prof. Sofia Ritzén, Vice-Dean were present at the meeting and emphasized that the issues highlighted in the doctoral student survey report and the presentation should be taken into account in doctoral subject study plans, and in quality-dialogues relating third-cycle education.

The THS CFU, Oscar Stenström, praised the presentation. The Chapter appreciates its continued collaboration with the THS Management Team (SV: Kårledning, KL) and is proud to be part of THS, one of the most committed student unions in regard to student life and educational advocacy. The Chapter aims to collaborate with KL to not only work towards a sustainable and enjoyable doctoral student life but also to resolve doctoral student issues.

This presentation was a continuation of efforts made by the Chapter to raise awareness about doctoral student issues at different central bodies of KTH. In the previous semester, a presentation was made by Chapter representative Emma Riese at KTH’s Committee on Third-Cycle Education (SV: Forskarutbildningsutskottet, FU). The Chapter has also learnt that the doctoral student survey report will be discussed in meeting by department management teams (SV: Ledningsgrupper) at some schools, and has already been taken up during a recent FU meeting of the ITM school. The Chapter appreciates the input and continued advocacy work of all the school councils.

The Chapter aims to continue to raise the issues of doctoral students at relevant forums at KTH to improve doctoral students’ education, work, and well-being.

This blog was posted by Mohit Daga, Vice-Chairperson of DR for the year 2020 with editorial inputs from Tanja Ritcher, Communication Manager of DR.

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