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Vote in the Union Election!

This is your chance to choose who will represent you as a PhD student in the Student Union THS. If you are a THS member, you can still vote, but there is only a few days left to vote in the union election. You can vote until 14th of April. Don’t forget to VOTE!! ūüėČ

PhD Chapter’s 39th Birthday Party!

We are celebrating PhD Chapter’s 39th birthday! We are going to celebrate on the 4th of April and you are of course invited to join the celebrations! We will serve dinner and the bar will be open so you can purchase any drinks of your choosing throughout the night. So, put the date in your calendar right now and sign up using the form below!

Happy Chapter’s Birthday!

Date: Thursday 4/4 18:18
Place: Drottning Kristinas Väg 29 ( T-Centralen)
Theme: Birthday Party!
Price: 39 SEK (includes dinner and welcome punch)
Tickets available at:

For more information, please follow these links:

Workshop for Women PhD Students (and Postdocs) from KTH

Rising Stars at KTH is a workshop for women PhD students¬†from KTH.¬†This first edition will be held April 26 ‚Äď 27, 2019 at Djur√∂n√§set Conference Hotel, in the Stockholm archipelago. The workshop consists of seminars, group discussions,¬†social activities,¬†and is a great opportunity to network and get to know other women¬†PhD students from KTH. This year‚Äôs topic is ‚ÄúCareer building: mission, leadership, presence and relational intelligence‚ÄĚ and we have the pleasure of hosting two¬†great¬†speakers: Annel√®ne Decaux and Jennifer Krahn. The workshop is sponsored by KTH (including the schools¬†ABE, CBH,¬†EECS, ITM¬†and SCI) and KTH Opportunities Fund. Applications open on Monday, February 25 and close on Monday, March 11. For more information, and to apply, visit our webpage:

PhD Chapter Meeting Agenda

As promised, here is the agenda for the chapter meeting next Wednesday!

Chapter Meeting Agenda 20190227

During the meeting we will serve some fika and snacks, please sign up here in order to make sure you get some:

For more information about the meeting, check out our post about the call for the meeting:

During the meeting, we will elect 2 more members for the nomination committee, one deputy auditor as well as nominees for the fellowship scholarship. To nominate members for the scholarship, please use this form:
For any questions regarding elections, please contact

Call for PhD Chapter Meeting (SM)

The PhD Chapter board welcomes the members of the PhD Chapter to the first chapter meeting of 2019.

It will be held in the chapter hall at Drottning Kristinas Väg 29 on the 27th of February at 18:18.

During the meeting we will serve some fika or food, please sign up here in order to make sure you get some:

And afterwards, we will have a quiz night.

More information and the agenda will be posted at the PhD Chapter website at least 4 working days before the meeting.

Feel free to contact the board at if you have any questions about the meeting or if there is anything you would like to bring up during the meeting. Motions should be sent to the board in written form (to before 17:00 on the 20th of February. Template for the Motions can be found here:

After Work för dig på KTH

Photo Of A Toast

Tisdagen den 29:e januari mellan 16.30‚Äď19.00 √§r det dags f√∂r n√§sta mingel f√∂r alla KTH-anst√§llda, doktorander, post doc och forskare. Ta med dig ett glatt hum√∂r och viljan att l√§ra k√§nna n√•n ny, alt f√∂rdjupa en redan god bekantskap.

On Tuesday Jan 29th at 16.30-19.00 we once again welcome KTH staff members, PhDs, post doc and scientists to a mingle.

Please bring a smile and plan to make one or two new acquaintances.

The price is 50SEK/person

Vegetarian soup and bread for everyone!

The location is Kröken, Kårhuset, Drottning Kristinas väg 15

Seats are limited and you need to register in advance, no later than Jan 28th.

When you register, you may choose swish (preferred) or pay on the spot, with a credit card.

Please note that we do not accept cash!

PhD Winter Chapter Meeting (SM) Agenda

As promised, here is the agenda for the chapter meeting next Monday!

Chapter Meeting Agenda 20181210

Don’t forget to sign up so that you also get food after the meeting. Please sign up here by the 9th of December:¬†

For more information about the meeting, check out our post about the call for the meeting:

If you want to get engaged, now is the perfect time! For more information about elections, check out our last post:

December elections

Do you:
Рlike to engage and network with other doctoral students and faculty outside your immediate research?
– like to work with challenging and interesting issues beyond the scope of your own self?
– care for your fellow doctoral students social life and welfare?
Рlike to positively impact your education policy, beyond the scope of yourself?
Рhave a capacity to speak out for the interest of your fellow doctoral students and the standing of KTH in research and education?
– like to hone your organisational and leadership skills through experiencing the world of academia behind the scenes?
If you’ve answered any of the above with a Yes, then join us and be part of the chapter and/or member of the council at your own school!

If you’re at¬†¬†CBH¬†or¬†EECS¬†school, follow-up with¬† and¬† respectively.

If you’re at ABE/ITM/SCI¬†Schools, then apply to join.

Vacancies: council chairperson, vice chairperson, council members. Council members can take functionary roles (social responsible) or representational role (e.g. representative at the programme or specialisation or department or unit/division, doctoral education council, school’s executive committee, recruitment/appointment/promotion committees, school’s strategic councils, safety/equality/sustainability committees.)

Pre-requisites: Being an active PhD student on January 2019.

– Being a member of the student union,
– Workload of at least 5 days a semester. This workload can be time compensated subject to different school-level conventions.
– Attending meetings with council member and be communicative with the PhD chapter board, THS and KTH within the capacity of your representational role.

Application: The application is considered valid if it was filled via the form at the end of this page. Alternatively, you can download, fill this Application form and send it to nominations [at] A person can nominate someone else, but then the nominee must accept the nomination before it is considered valid. If you have further questions please email nominations [at] . The deadline for application is Dec 7th at midnight.

Election: The nominees will be elected as per their school affiliations as follows: ABE 11th/Dec kl17:17, ITM 17th/Dec kl17:17, SCI 18th/Dec kl17:17. Fika served from 17:00. Location: chapter hall (T-centralen), Drottning Kristinas väg 29. Election of chapter vacancies will be on 10th/Dec kl18:18.

Curios to learn more?
–¬†PhD student representatives are entitled for time compensation according to the policies:¬†Dnr930-2005-0345¬†(school level),¬†DnrV-2016-0451¬† (central and national level)
–¬†The PhD Chapter and PhD school councils are¬†guided by the¬†PhD Chapter Statutes¬†and¬†PhD Chapter Bylaws¬†and subject to THS¬†statutes¬†and¬†bylawes.
Brief guide on PhD students representation
PhD Chapter workshop

Greetings from the nomination team and chapter board,
Robin, Tage, Kateryna, Fangkai, Amanda and Harsha

  • December Elections


PhD Pub: Summer edition 07.09.2018

The PhD Pub welcomes guests for the first time since the semester started. Trying to cope with the hottest summer ever in Sweden, we will drink frozen cocktails and ice-cold beer.

We start at 17:17 on Friday, the 7th of September. Address: Drottning Kristinas väg 29

Check the event details at PhD Chapter website and Facebook