Individual Study Plan

Every PhD Student at KTH has to keep an Individual Study Plan (ISP). It is the legal document the PhD Student has and describes project, status of studies, length of employment/scholarship etc. If problems occur during the PhD studies, i.e. problems with the supervisor, it is this document that will be turned to in order to solve the problem. The ISP should be written by the PhD Student and the supervisor together.
Furthermore, the ISP governs the PhD Student’s progress on the salary ladder, if employed. This is the document that will be revised to see if advancing on the ladder is appropriate or not.

Evaluation model for progress on the salary ladder

The PhD Chapter has compiled an evaluation model that can be looked upon as support when estimating how much progress on the salary ladder a PhD Candidate has made. Note, this is not an official model, merely a recommendation.

PhD Ladder Progress Evaluation Model

Update on the new eISP

The digital ISP, called eISP will replace the old ISP from January 2017. This page contains instructions for PhD students on how to make their eISP.