PhD Salary Ladder

Salary ladder

The PhD Salary Ladder has been renegotiated for the period from 2016-10-01 to 2017-09-30 with the following changes:

Step 1 is raised from 28,100 SEK/month to 28,600 SEK/month (i.e. +500 SEK/month)
Step 2 is raised from 28,800 SEK/month to 29,400 SEK/month (i.e. +600 SEK/month)
Step 3 is raised from 30,600 SEK/month to 31,300 SEK/month (i.e. +700 SEK/month)
Step 4 is raised from 32,800 SEK/month to 33,500 SEK/month (i.e. +700 SEK/month)

The new salary was approved in December 2016 went into effect in January 2017. Here is the official document (in Swedish).
What is written in the ISP governs if a PhD candidate advances up the salary ladder. See more information about ISP in the menu to the left.
The PhD Chapter has compiled an evaluation model that can be looked upon as support when estimating how much progress a PhD Candidate has made. Note, this is not an official model, merely a recommendation from the chapter. It can be found here: PhD Ladder Progress Evaluation Model.