PhD student representatives at CHE school



Current: Ramiar Sadegh Vaziri

PhD Student Council

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The PhD Student Council gathers representatives from the different departments within the School of Chemical Science and Engineering with the mission to spread information related to PhD students that is discussed in the management group and in other groups within the school. Other than spreading information, the PhD student council should be a platform to discuss PhD related issues raised by the different departments of the school Chemical Science and Engineering.

Board of the PhD Student Council

The PhD Student Council elects a board to represent the PhD students in the CHE Board, the CHE Steering Committee, the CHE Advisory Group of Undergraduate education, the CHE Advisory Group of PhD student education (Post-graduate education) as well as the Steering Committees of the CHE school departments. The members of the board communicate and actively shed light on PhD student related issues. The board of the PhD Student council also works to give feedback on relevant concerns to the leading bodies of the school. Apart from internal communication within the school, the board gives feedback to the PhD Student Advisor (doktorandombud) and the main PhD Council (Dr-sektionen) within the Student Union of the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) regarding current issues of interest.

The PhD. Student Council is open to all PhD students at the School of Chemical Science and Engineering. For additional information or enrollment opportunities contact the PhD Student representative from your division or a member of the board of the PhD student council.

Board of the PhD Student Council, 2016-2017:

Namn Role Area of Responsibility Email
Björn Eriksson Chairman of the board Management group, Strategic council, PAD and PhD program council
Tobias Benselfelt Vice chairman of the board Management group, Strategic council, Environmental Issues group, IT manager
Adrien Sthoer Member of the board Chemistry professor’s meetings, Event organization
Ramiar Sadegh Vaziri Member of the board PAD and PhD program council, Event organization, JML group
Zhaoxuan Feng Member of the board Fiber and Polymer Technology professor’s meetings, JML group
Kivanc korkmaz Member of the board Chemical Engineering and Technology professor’s meeting, Event organization