Stockholm Doctoral Meetup Group

Would you like to meet up with the hikers, bikers, or horse riders? Or would you like some company to explore the parks, pubs, and other fun places around town? Or perhaps you want to keep it doctoral-simple — go brunching, bouldering, or play some board games?

About the Meetup Group

The PhD Chapter of KTH, in collaboration with other member organizations of Stockholm-PhDs, has come up with an exciting new initiative, a one-stop solution for all: a Meetup Group exclusive for doctoral students of the Stockholm region. Join us to create and participate in activities organized by and for doctoral students!

How to join?

We have a very simple process of registration for this meetup group. Just fill out this form (takes < 1 minute, but helps us to ensure that all members are indeed doctoral students) and we will get you on the meetup group.