Do you:

– like to engage and network with other doctoral students and faculty outside your immediate research?

– like to work with challenging and interesting issues beyond the scope of your own self?- care for your fellow doctoral students social life and welfare?

– like to positively impact your education policy, beyond the scope of yourself?

– have a capacity to speak out for the interest of your fellow doctoral students and the standing of KTH in research and education?

– like to hone your organisational and leadership skills through experiencing the world of academia behind the scenes?

 If you’ve answered any of the above with a Yes, then join us and be part of the chapter and/or member of the council at your own school within these vacancies during 2019!  

Pre-requisite: Being an active PhD student.

– Being a member of the student union,
– Workload of at least 5 days a semester. This workload can be time compensated subject to different school-level conventions.
– Attending meetings with council member and be communicative with the PhD chapter board, THS and KTH within the capacity of your representational role.

Curios to learn more?
– PhD student representatives are entitled for time compensation according to the policies: Dnr930-2005-0345 (school level), DnrV-2016-0451  (central and national level)
– The PhD Chapter and PhD school councils are guided by the PhD Chapter Statutes and PhD Chapter Bylaws and subject to THS statutes and bylawes.
Brief guide on PhD students representation
Brief guide on time compensation for PhD students
PhD Chapter workshop

  • Application for Current Vacancies

  • You can learn more about the formal description of the roles in .Note: Council positions at CBH, EECS are not applicable. For Science slam project, please also fill
  • This workload can be reflected in the ISP section 3.4 as a reason for extension.