Elections to THS Student Union Council: Now!

Between the 22nd of August and the 11th of September, you may apply as a candidate in the by-election to  Council for the fiscal year of 2017-2018. Apply as a candidate here.

Being a member or substitute in the Student Union Council is an assignment that gives you:

  • The chance to change and make THS better
  • A community and network that stretches to all chapters within THS
  • A vote about the last say at THS

THS Student Union Council is THS highest governing body and consists of 42 members and 26 substitutes. Together they decide the Unions operations and values by electing THS President and Board, deciding upon a budget and operational plan as well as voting on motions and propositions.

The Student Union Council has planned for 5 formal meetings this fiscal year, but will also be meeting for a few workshops, an education and team building. This makes the Student Union Council a commitment that is suitable to combine with other union assignments if you want to.

The elections are held in divisions between the 25th of September to the 1st of October where every chapter is its own division. To become a candidate you have to be a member of THS. The number of members in a chapter decide how many members its division gets in the Student Union Council. The by-elections are not held in the Chapter for Teachers and Masters of Science in Engineering, the Computer Science Chapter, The Electro Chapter, The Physics Chapter or the Chapter for Media Technology.

If you have any questions please turn to the Election Coordinator Filip Schulze at: valgeneral@ths.kth.se

Apply as a candidate here.

About Taras Kucherenko

I am a PhD student at CSC in Robotics, Perception and Learning (RPL). My main research interest is Machine Learning as a tool to make robots behave in a human-like way, including understanding and expressing emotions.
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