PhD Councils Updates

CBH PhD Council

The new CBH PhD Council commenced its official responsibilities in January 2024, with a team of five members. This team includes Karthik Rajasekar as the chairman, Giorgio Bruno Braghin as the vice-chair, and Ellymay Goosens, Hannes Thorell, and Amritha P Sandra serving as the treasurer, educational manager, and communication manager, respectively. The CBH PhD Council has been active and had meetings with the members and had decided the roles and responsibilities. We are now in the process of finalizing this year’s CBH Council budget and engaged in more discussions with the Head of the school. The president of the CBH board has been actively involved in the meetings with the school’s Faculty Association and Quality council, aiming to enhance the overall quality of education and work within our school. The CBH JML group is planning more events this year to raise awareness about equality, diversity, and equal treatment. We have been hosting sports events, primarily volleyball and badminton, at KTH Hallen twice a week, especially for our doctoral students. Similar to the previous year, the planning for this year’s PhD Day is underway with ongoing discussions to incorporate new and more exciting elements into the event.

SCI PhD Council

Since January 2024, the new SCI PhD council have been representing SCI PhD students in all types of school faculty errands and organizing different types of events. Here are the main highlights Here are the main highlights, including links, information, and upcoming events we’re eager to share with you:

  • Regularly check out the SCI PhD council webpage to keep up with events, news and contact details of our PADs (PhD representatives).
  • Join us in a Boule and Tacos afterwork event on April 5th. Sign-up using this form
  • Q-SCI Female Faculty Network organizes lunch/seminars to raise awareness and understanding of gender (in)equality with the aim to give support and network opportunities to the members of the Q-SCI network. Join the first lunch on March 20th
  • A recent survey revealed that 16% of PhD students encountered unwelcome behavior in the past year. To address this concern, the SCI JML group plans to organize a workshop based on cases which happened at our School.
    • Share your story regarding exposed working environment by filling up the form

If you have any event suggestion (social, sport, academic) or any concerns please contact us at

EESC PhD Council

In the latest version of the ASPs (allmän studieplan, general study plan) for all doctoral programs in EECS, up to 6 ECTS language courses may be included in the doctoral degree! The ASP that was active on the date when you started your PhD studies is the one that applies to your degree, so to find out if you can include language course credits in your degree, find your ASP here.

Closing Kista Campus affects many EECS PhD students, both present and future. Our PhD student representative in the project group works hard to ensure that PhD student needs are taken into consideration, and to keep disturbance and delays caused by the move to a minimum.

It’s still early in the year, and we are still trying to find more council members to make sure we are represented in all divisions at EECS. If your division doesn’t have a council representative, please reach out to if you are interested in joining us!

ABE PhD Council

The ABE PhD student council elected positions for their board and council in Decembre 2023. We are happy to announce that all positions have been filled for the board and PADs have been elected for all doctoral programs. Boel Berg Wincent will take over the responsibility as chairperson after predecessor Hampus Berg Mårtensson. We thank Hampus for his great work during 2023.

New ASP:s have been established for some of the doctoral programs at the ABE school. The council is now reviewing these documents for them to be approved and established.

An escape room event at “Fox in a Box” the 3rd of March was organized by event manager Kaan Etikan which was great fun! The next event will be “Boule afterwork at Ugglan” the 27th of March. More events such as a “Table tennis tournament” and “Barbeque event” will also be announced during the spring.

ITM PhD Council

Since their election in January, the new ITM PhD Council has been actively fostering a sense of community and addressing critical issues within the ITM school. One of their first initiatives involved hosting Fika sessions at each department, providing an informal platform for PhDs to meet, engage in discussions about the PhD salary ladder, courses, and supervision rules, and share firsthand information about departmental challenges. The success of these events has solidified their place as recurring, semesterly gatherings, ensuring sustained interaction among the doctoral community.

Additionally, the new council was promoted with an article in the ITM school newsletter, introducing the new council and its objectives to the wider community.

Recognizing the importance of academic development, the council has started to gather information about the courses taken by PhDs, aiming to outline the need for additional third-cycle courses at both the ITM school and KTH level. This will be another stepping stone in actively participating in the new faculty board. The council will contribute valuable insights and represent the interests of the ITM PhD community.

Lastly, to their work on the academic level the council helped organizing a small ski trip at the EGI department, promoting a sense of camaraderie among members.

With several exciting events in the planning stages before the summer, the ITM PhD Council continues to be a proactive force in enhancing the doctoral experience within the ITM school.

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