News form the councils!


In the last couple months, the ITM PhD council has been involved in several activities. Notably, there has been meticulous work in compiling course lists for each department, providing insight into typical course selections by PhD candidates at the various department in the ITM school.

A list of the EGI courses has been published on the ITM PhD council website as a resource for all current students.

Further, members of the ITM PhD council participated in meetings dedicated to 3rd cycle education, with focused discussions on streamlining course accreditation for external programs. Efforts to promote agreements such as the Nordic5Tech underscore a commitment to facilitating cross-institutional learning opportunities within the Scandinavian region.

Moreover, thorough reviews of updated general study plans across departments have been started, with an emphasis on establishing consistent ECTS requirements and incorporating guidelines for salary increments tied to academic progress.

The council members were actively engaged in the Leadership group and faculty board.

Additionally, a survey for event planning has been distributed to understand the diverse needs and interests of the doctoral community.


In the program councils, discussions have been held to decide on guidelines for the kappa of compilation PhD theses. The guidelines will not be mandatory to follow, but may help you structure your thesis in a better way.
Issues regarding the quality of PhD education at KTH have been identified in a recent review. In many cases, course analyses of PhD courses are not done, new PhD students get their ISPs established way later than they should, and many PhD students find it difficult to find relevant courses. These issues have been raised on different levels in EECS, and work will be done to address them.
On May 29th (NB! Date changed from May 30th) we invite the PhD students of EECS to have dinner and play shuffleboard at Ugglan in Södermalm! Keep an eye on your email inbox for the invitation, spots are limited!


New ASPs Established at the ABE School
ASPs for several doctoral programs at the ABE School are in the process of being established. These documents are currently under review by the council for approval. In addition, we have implemented a new routine, established by the ABE Fakultetsnämnd, for updating the ASPs.

Social Events Roundup
A delightful after-work event at Ugglan on March 27 was organized by Event Manager Kaan Etikan, providing a fantastic opportunity for fun and networking. Moreover, a recent table tennis tournament brought out competitive spirits among attendees. Looking ahead, we are excited to announce plans for a BBQ at the start of summer. Stay tuned for more details!

Updates on Recruitment and Promotions
The ABE School has seen several new recruitments and promotions recently. This pace will continue throughout the year. We have established a comprehensive plan, with approximate dates for each candidate, coordinated by the FF responsible at the ABE School and HR. This ensures that PhD students are represented in all matters.


The SCI PhD council have been representing SCI PhD students in various types of school faculty errands and organizing different types of events. Here are the main highlights, including links, information, and upcoming events we’re eager to share with you:


The CBH PhD council has still been organising the weekly volleyball and badminton events at the KTH hallen on Wednesday and Friday, respectively. And recently, the budget has been approved by the Head of the School, which has given us the opportunity to organise even more activities. Upcoming events are a Pub Quiz event, which will be at the end of this month and a squash event which will be organised somewhere next month! Three members of the council attended a meeting with the PhD Chapter in which the survey was discussed. The nominations for the supervisor of the year award closed on the 3rd of May and two members of the council are part of the jury and will be evaluating the nominees before the end of May!

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