At the central level, the PhD Chapter has PhD student representatives (doktorandrepresentanter) in various committees at KTH, as well as in the student parliament.

US (Universitetsstyrelsen / The University Board)

The University Board is the top executive unit, governing KTH´s activities in most respects. Decisions are taken in strict accordance with the Swedish Higher Education Ordinance in matters of the following nature:

  • Important matters concerning internal organization;
  • Annual Report, budget issues, other reports and statements of major importance;
  • Measures taken on account of facts and reports presented to the Board by the National Audit Bureau;
  • Rules and regulations of major importance;
  • Other matters of a principal nature.

Contact: chair@dr.kth.se

FR (Fakultetsrådet / The Faculty Council)

The Faculty Council represents the entire faculty and acts as an advisory body to the President. The Council has overall responsibility for issues relating to the quality of education, research and community interaction.

The Faculty Council is made up of the following:

  • Seven teachers holding a teaching appointment at KTH and who have scholarly or artistic competence, i.e. a doctorate or equivalent; one of whom is the chairman;
  • Three external members who are not employed at KTH;
  • Students, who have the right to be represented by three members.

Contact: vicechair@dr.kth.se

UN (Utbildningsnämnd / The Education Board)

Also previously known as education committee (utbildningsutskottet, UU). The three main tasks of UN are:

  • Overall dimension of education on undergraduate and postgraduate level;
  • Administering KTH´s quality development effort and follow-up on undergraduate and postgraduate education;
  • Administering KTH´s general development of rules and guidelines concerning education.

Contact: edu@dr.kth.se

FF (Fakultetsförnyelse grupp / Future Faculty group)

AN (Anställningsnämnd / The Employment Board)

Known previously as AU, anställningsutskottet, employment committee. The three main tasks of AN is approving employment vacancies and profiles, preparatory for: promotion matters; teacher recruitment matters; admission to docent applications. Additionally AN is responsible for appointing members of the recuitment committees and acceptance of experts evaluators for recruitment.

RN (Rekryteringsnämnden / The Recruitment Committees)

The main task of the recruitment committees is teacher recruitment matters in each school.

BN (Befordringsnämnden / The Promotion Committee)

(Former: CTFN / Centrala tjänsteförslagsnämnden / The Central Appointments Committee)

Responsible for dealing with matters that relate to the promotion of associate professor to professor and the promotion from assistant professor to associate professor.

Docent (Docent Committees)

There are different docent committees at each school that is responsible for preparing and submitting proposals for the assessment and recommendation for admission for docentship  committees at the schools.

Contact: ff@dr.kth.se

FU/FA (Forskarutbildningsutskottet, fd. Forskningsansvariga-gruppen / The doctoral education committee)

Responsible for third-cylce (doctoral) education related errands at KTH.

Contact: edu@dr.kth.se

JML-grupp (Jämställdhetskommittén / The Equality Committee)

Handles issues related to equality at KTH.

Contact: social@dr.kth.se

KTH-S (The KTH-Sustainability Council)

KTH-Sustainability focuses on the integration of environment and sustainable development in education, research and collaboration. Sustainable Campus is responsible for KTH’s environmental management system and environmental issues surrounding the campus.

Contact: social@dr.kth.se

RU (Resursfördelningsutskottet / The Resource Allocation Committee)

This committee is tasked to investigate and monitor the distribution of state funds within KTH. The question of how the distribution system affects the quality of education and research should be given special consideration. Students have the right to be represented by three members. The committee will be a preparatory body to the Faculty Council concerning the distribution issues.

Contact: edu@dr.kth.se

Språkkommittén / The Language Committee

The Language Committee monitors language issues in a broad sense on behalf of KTH students, faculty, and staff. The Committee is tasked to implement parts of KTH’s Language Policy and provides advice in linguistic matters of a general nature.

Contact: social@dr.kth.se

Stipendierådet / The Central Grants Committee

The Central Grants Committee – under University Administration (Universitetsförvaltningen) – consists of a maximum of 16 members, with a broad representation of interests (no substitutes), ten members appointed at the different schools, one member from University Administration, three students including one student who is appointed by the THS, foundation responsible for the KTH-affiliated foundations and a chairman, which is appointed by the President.

Contact: social@dr.kth.se

KF (Kårfullmäktige / THS Student Union Council)

This is the decision-making body of THS. The PhD Chapter has 4 regular (ordinarie) + 2 substitute (suppleant) positions.

Contact: kf@dr.kth.se

Summary table:

Organ Sub-organ Functionary E-mail
University Board/US chair@dr.kth.se
Strategic Council/SR chair@dr.kth.se
Faculty Council/FR vicechair@dr.kth.se
Educational errands General edu@dr.kth.se
Education Board/UN edu@dr.kth.se
Doctoral education group/FA edu@dr.kth.se
Basic education group/GA
Education administration/UA edu@dr.kth.se
Resource allocation/RU edu@dr.kth.se
Grant allocations/stip. råd edu@dr.kth.se
Research errands research@dr.kth.se
Future faculty errands ff@dr.kth.se
Employment board/AN ff@dr.kth.se
Recruitment boards/RN ff@dr.kth.se
Promotion board/BN ff@dr.kth.se
Docentship errands ff@dr.kth.se
Sustainability errands social@dr.kth.se
Equality errands social@dr.kth.se
Language errands social@dr.kth.se
Union positions
Chairperson, Dr chair@dr.kth.se
Vice-chairperson, Dr vicechair@dr.kth.se
Treasurer, Dr treasurer@dr.kth.se
Educational Manager, Dr edu@dr.kth.se
Communication Manager, Dr communication@dr.kth.se
Council Coordinator, Dr councils@dr.kth.se
Business Manager, Dr business@dr.kth.se
Webmaster/IT responsible, Dr it@dr.kth.se
Events Manager, Dr events@dr.kth.se
Workgroup Manager, Dr workgroups@dr.kth.se
Union Council, Dr kf@dr.kth.se


PhD student representatives are entitled for time compensation according to the policies:
e.g. DnrV-2016-0451