Meetup: How to find a job with your PhD

It’s time for another exciting PhD Chapter meetup! On Wednesday March 14th 2018 at 17:30 we will gather in our PhD pub “T-centralen”, Drottning Kristinas väg 29, with Tina Persson, a global career coach, who will enlighten us on how to plan for and find our dream jobs after getting our PhDs. The talk will focus on topics such as transferable skills, how to analyze the market for opportunities and how recruiters will select your job applications. Please, register here and come to see what your future will look like!

PhD Pub on March 9th

Dear students,

We kindly invite you to the PhD Pub! We have got new selection of beers and new broad selection of spirits such as Whiskey and Vodka.

We start at 17.17 as per tradition. Please show your THS membership cards at the entrance. Members have a right to bring one personal guest.

PhD Pub crew also invites everyone who is interested to try how is to be a bartender! Please contact some of the crew members if you have any questions.

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Whisky Pub on March 02 at 17:17 until 01:00


Dear PhD students, you are kindly invited to the Whisky Pub at T-Centralen (Drottning Kristinas väg 29) by Flyg section. Please have your THS membership card, members can bring one personal guest.

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PhD pedagogical seminars: research autonomy

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  • Are you a young researcher or a research student?
  • Would you like to make impact with your research and would like to know about opportunities and discuss the challenges?
  • Are you aiming big with your research, want to maximise its societal impact and its contribution to knowledge but a bit concerned with all short-term goals that you should demonstrate within your research group, research community and your financing agency?

We do not offer solution but at least we offer a forum, in term of seminar series, to bring your perspective and discuss it with us!

This time, we think we can touch on the issue, in the context of: “performance-based governance of academia: its impact on training of young researchers”. For that we bring you:

  •  Per Berglund, KTH vice dean of Faculty and chairperson of education committee (Faculty perspective)
  • Lars Geschwind, researcher on science and education policy at ITM school at KTH (Research perspective)
  • Gustav Notander, KTH Innovation (Entrepreneurship support/impact)

We’ll arramge the seminar as follows:

1. Introduction: 14:30, duration ~15 minutes (by Anders Broström and Tage Mohammadat)
2. Pitch talk: 14:45, duration ~40-60 minutes (by Per Berglund and Lars Geschwind)
3. Panel: 15:45-, duration: 45- minutes (moderated by Anders Broström)
4. Fika: for mingling, networking and informal discussions

Oh ya, here are some more practical info:

– When? March 7, 14:30-17:00
– Where? GrötenNymble​, Drottning Kristinas väg 15, 100 44 Stockholm
– Should You do anything before that? Ya, registration (confirmation of seats, and reminder).

Hope to see you there!

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THS elections are coming: Apply to THS Student Union Council 2018

Do you want to represent the members in THS’ most important decisions? Are you interested in learning more about organizational management? Do you want to get to know people from all chapters of THS?

About the Position

As a council member or substitute member of the Student Union Council, you have a seat in the highest governing body at THS. You decide what THS should do, what THS opinions are and how the yearly turnover of 35 million SEK is to be used. You elect THS’ leaders in the form of President and Board, and review that they are really working for the members’ interests. The members of THS elect their representatives in the Student Union Council. This election makes THS a representative democracy. As a council member in the Student Union Council you are the guarantee that THS is run as a democracy.

The positions in the Student Union Council manage THS as an organization. Therefore there are educational events held for the Student Union Council. The topics include economics, leadership and recruitment. Regardless of whether you have experience in organizational management or not, this will give you the opportunity to learn more about it.

The Student Union Council consists of about 40 members and 20 substitutes from all chapters at THS. As a part of them you will get a social network that reaches all chapters. Together you cooperate to represent all members. You will also get the opportunity to teambuild and party together.

The fine prints

The formal time in office is 2018-07-01 – 2019-06-30. The first meeting will be held in September. The position will require at least 5 formal meetings and at least 2 informal meetings during the year. Material will be sent out before every meeting so that everyone can prepare, thereby allowing the meetings to be efficient and to the point. In total it is expected that the position requires 8 hours per month. The parties and team buildings add to that.


You are welcome to submit your application in the following form up until the 26th of March: Your candidacy will be made visible to THS members during the voting period between the 9th and 22nd of April. The members will be voting at Do not forget to vote. You are allowed to vote for yourself. THS Election Board who arrange the elections will continuously update you to when the process enters new stages and, in the end, what the results are.


If you have any questions you are welcome to ask the Election Coordinator by email at:

Elections, eISP and Board games

It’s time for another PhD Chapter extra meeting (formal elections) and Meetup! We will gather up tomorrow Thursday January 25th at 17:30 in “T-centralen”, Drottning Kristinas väg 29.

The PhD Chapter extra meeting will host elections for:

  • Vice chairperson, 1 position to be occupied from 2018.01.26 to 2018.06.30.

Followed by a “PhD Chapter Meetup” at 17:45 with My Svensson from KTH administration who will get feedback & answer questions about the eISP.

Then – drum roll – we will order pizzas and sit around to play board games*!

*Please, if you have a favorite board game, bring it over. We have some common board games, but not so many available.

The final agenda for the PhD Chapter extra meeting is here.

PhD Pub tonight!

PhD Pub opens at 20:00 tonight, let’s have a drink together!

We are in “T-centralen”, Drottning Kristinas väg 29. One member can invite up to one guest without membership (usual 50:50 ratio).

If you are a PhD student from EES, CSC or ICT school, please come earlier for your EECS PhD student council elections.

PhD Chapter extra meeting and elections

It’s soon time for a PhD Chapter’s extra meeting! We will convene on Thursday January 25th at 17:30 in “T-centralen”, Drottning Kristinas väg 29.

This meeting will host elections for:

  • Vice chairperson, 1 position to be occupied from 2018.01.26 to 2018.06.30;

All the nominations can be made by email at board [at] until January 22nd at 23:59 following the instructions on this page. A nomination will only be valid if the nomination committee will have interviewed the candidate (on Skype is OK) before the chapter meeting. A person can nominate someone else, but then the nominee must accept the nomination and get interviewed before it is considered valid.

The agenda for the meeting will be posted here later on.

Welcome to join the next PhD Chapter meeting!

EECS School / Election party

Dear PhD Students and PostDocs of new EECS School,

The PhD Chapter, on behalf of their local representatives of PhD Student Councils at CSC, EES and ICT schools, kindly invite you on January 19th at 17:00 in our PhD PubT-Centralen” (Drottning Kristinas väg 29) to the first EECS PhD Student Council Election Party!

The EECS School is officially formed. Since 1st of January 2018 all the members of CSC, EES and ICT are a part of EECS. PhD Councils of former schools have made a decision to merge into one unit. We kindly invite PhD students and Post Docs to become a part of PhD Council of EECS.


17.00: food will be served and the PhD Pub will be open for the purchase of drinks

17.45: the elections for Chairperson will start, followed with election of the PhD Council members

20.00: elections conclude and the Pub is open for the public and guests from the other schools

*Candidates for Chairperson position will be announced later on by the EECS PhD Student Council website:

**The event is for EECS students only, please have your access card with you.

The original invitation is here.

Visit to Skansen on December 24th

Are you interested in knowing more about Swedish history and culture? Then come to Skansen on Sunday December 24th. Per Westerlund (PhD student at EES/ETK) will show you different kinds of farmhouses and other buildings from all around Sweden and tell you more about Swedish culture. Unfortunately the buildings are not open, but we can see the differences between the provinces. We can also have a look at the animals, both wild and domestic.

The visit will start at 11.00 from the main entrance and will at least last until 13.00, when the seals are fed. The entry is free on that day. Bring warm clothes.

Please, sign up here.


Photo: Älvrosgården (AleWi)