40 years of representing PhD students at KTH!

Today is the PhD Chapter’s 40th birthday!

Happy Birthday to us and a thank you to all PhD students who in any way have been engaged in the PhD Chapter during all these years! We look forward to many more years to come!

Even if we in the PhD Chapter board wanted to give you all a slice of cake to celebrate, this picture of a cake will have to do for now. We look forward to a time when we can welcome you back to our chapter hall T-centralen, and have a “Birthday pub”, but sadly that will not be today.

Just because you now use your own coffee machines, don’t forget that you can still socialize, have a coffee break and talk to your colleagues. We know some departments have already set up virtual “Fika-rooms” and you can of course do that too. If you have an idea about a virtual event you would like to host, don’t hesitate to send us an email and we might be able to help.

As a student and employee of KTH, you can use Zoom to host virtual meetings (also more informal ones, such a fika-break meeting), you can read more about it here: https://www.kth.se/…/work-onli…/webbmoten-zoom/zoom-1.893273

Lastly, stay updated on the Corona-situation, the information is updated frequently:

KTH’s information: https://intra.kth.se/…/angaende-det-nya-coronaviruset-covid…
THS’s information: https://ths.kth.se/corona

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Join the new LGBTQI+ initiative for KTH Staff members!

On March 23 at 17.00, we invite those who identify with the community as well as allies to meet, have some fika and watch a mini-documentary followed by discussion. We hope to see you there and look forward to get feedback and ideas on how to move forward with a potential LGBTQI+ group. Email zofial@kth.se to register. We will be at Teknikringen 1, right next to Brinellvägen 8 and Systerobror.


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PhD Chapter Meeting – Agenda

As promised, here is the agenda for the chapter meeting next Friday!

Chapter meeting agenda 20200306

During the meeting we will serve some snacks, please sign up here in order to make sure you get some.

For more information about the meeting, check out our post about the call for the meeting.

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Call for PhD Chapter meeting – Elections and Spring Pub

The PhD Chapter board welcomes the members of the PhD Chapter to the third chapter meeting of the operational year 2019/20.

It will be held in the Chapter hall at Drottning Kristinas Väg 29 on Friday 6th of March at 17:17. (The meeting will start 17:17). Please sign-up using this link.

After the meeting, we will open the pub.

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ICE Skating with SSSK

Register Here: https://forms.gle/4obrRsC86YHwpjgV9 

It is absolutely “POETIC” and “MAGICAL” when one skates long distance on a frozen lake or sea (read > 40km)! You can’t skate? You have an opportunity to learn this beautiful, yet simple out-door sport.

We bring you an exciting event. This is organized in association with Stockholms Skridskoseglarklubb (SSSK). Here, we give you an opportunity to learn long-distance Ice Skating from the professional Ice Skaters group from Stockholm. For those, who know Ice Skating, can join us for fun anyways. 🙂

Must Wear: Sturdy Shoes. 

Some Practical Information:

  • Meeting Point 5 Lindstedtsvägen, at 19.00 (sharp, not quarter.)
  • We will walk to Östermalms IP


  • Professional help from SSSK (No experience required. SSSK will help!). Great opportunity to learn cross country Ice Skating if you don’t already know it.
  • Few Skates available to be borrowed
  • Rental Facility of Skates at the venue is available
  • Open to all PhD Students!

Opportunity to bring ‘+1’ (you can also ask your PhD Supervisors)

Important: Safety is the most important aspect. PhD Chapter recommends that every participant must wear a helmet (cycle helmets are fine too) and some knee protection.

For any other information please email us: events@dr.kth.se with the subject ICE-Skating.

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