Your Vote in Union Elections

Members of THS share the top power in the organization, and your part is your vote in the Union Elections. In the Union Elections you vote for a person who you want as a representative in the Student Union Council, THS highest governing body. The Student Union Council chooses the top leaders at THS in the form of President and Board. The Council also reviews that the leadership is really working for the best interest of the members. The Student Union Council also decides how to spend the yearly budget of 35 million SEK and what THS’ opinions are in different education- and student-related issues.

The voting is active at between the 9th and 22nd of Apil 2018. The Elections are right now active in all constituencies, were every chapter is a constituency. Every constituency has a number of members in the Council based on the number of members in the chapter.The members of the Student Union Council have a mandate of one year and you are right now choosing a representative for the fiscal year of 18/19.

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