Supervisor of the Year 2020

We are delighted to bring you the long-awaited result of the 2020 inaugural Supervisor of the Year Award! As you probably already know, this is an award that the PhD Chapter of THS launched for the first time this academic year, in order to highlight exemplary supervision practices in Third Cycle Education at KTH.

Overall, we received 65 nominations. An independent jury of PhD students, in which all five schools were represented, has just finished evaluating the nominations.
Without further delay, the winner of the first edition of the Supervisor of the year award, is… Professor György Dán!
Professor György Dán works at the division of network and systems engineering and has exemplified tremendous commitment as a supervisor of his doctoral students.
He will be awarded a diploma and a trophy that will have his name inscribed, and which will be passed on from one winner to the next.

Given the large pool of incredible candidates, it was without doubt a difficult task to select just one winner. We would like to stress our gratitude for the outstanding dedication of all nominees for their doctoral students, and, not less importantly, for the students that nominated their supervisors! They are all winners.

Thank you for staying tuned and helping us improve doctoral education!

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