Committee for Kamratstipendiet 2017

The Committee for Kamratstipendiet 2017 is now composed of 4 members: Annaclaudia Montanino, Omar Shafqat, Abdullah Khan and Seyed Arash Safavi Nick. It works from February 14th 2017 (election date) until April 5th 2017 to elect 1, 2 or 3 winners for Kamratpriset 2017. The final nominations will be sent to THS. THS will announce the winner(s) and deliver the prize(s). Members of the Committee for Kamratstipendiet cannot propose nominees for the prize (their nominations will be considered not valid) or be nominated for the prize.

During the PhD Chapter extra meeting on February 14th 2017 the members’ nominees for Kamratstipendiet 2017 were announced. Nominees are: Muhammad Afzal, Omar Shafqat (in conflict because member of the committee), Kateryna Morozovska, Armin Weckmann, Andrea de Giorgio and Johan Gärdebo. Nominees are not (yet) winners!

Kamrtatstipendiet was established in 1912 to identify and reward good fellows at each chapter of THS, the Student Union at KTH. Each chapter has the right to nominate up to three members who share the prize money. The price is the return from the “Stiftelsen Tekniska Hogskolans i Stockholm Kamratstipendiefonder” and is usually between 40 000 and 60 000 SEK. The price is then divided evenly between the sections (around 2000-3000 SEK per chapter), after which it is distributed evenly between those students who have been nominated by the chapter.

Stay tuned!

About Andrea de Giorgio

PhD Candidate in Production Engineering and Chairperson 2016/18 of the PhD Chapter at KTH
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